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Niko longlisted for the 2013 International IMPAC Dublin Award
I'm thrilled to report that Niko has made the 2013 IMPAC Dublin Award longlist, alongside 153 other international novels!  You can view the entire longlist here.

Niko to be published in Turkey
Turkish-language rights for Dimitri Nasrallah’s second novel, Niko, have sold to Everest, the Turkish publisher of Rawi Hage, Zadie Smith, and Penelope Lively, among many other renowned English-language authors. Publication of the Turkish edition of Niko is scheduled for Spring of 2014.
Nasrallah on France's Tonino Benacquista in the Toronto Star
In the Toronto Star's books section, I review The Thursday Night Men, the latest novel by French author Tonino Benacquista.

Review: Maisonneuve

In Dimitri Nasrallah’s Niko (Véhicule Press), a young boy from war-ravaged Lebanon navigates Montreal—a city of isolation and stifling rules—after being sent to Canada to escape the violence in his home country. Nasrallah’s tone shifts skilfully as his titular protagonist grows from a confused six-year-old to a young man in search of a job, weed, a lover and a solitary refuge from his over-bearing aunt and uncle. The novel takes a surreal turn when Niko’s estranged father emerges with no memory of his past; although such fairytale moments seem unbelievable, Nasrallah mostly circumvents rehashed, pedantic tales of immigration and childhood. His prose catapults the eager reader into Niko’s conflicted world.
—Caitlin Manicom